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May 2017

Can I Go Now?

Alien: Covenant succeeds in streamlining its story compared to Prometheus, but in the process it underwhelms in its delivery as it falls into predictable territory and anti-climatic conclusions.


Poorly Executed Levity

Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2 is full of humorous content and moments of levity, but these instances are too frequent to allow for the film to build any sense of consequence and as a result the story falls flat as a whole.

War as a Spiritual Event

Through the eyes of Agu, the Commandant is shown to be a terrifying force of nature that perceives the war he is fighting as more than just a physical conflict; as to him it is spiritual clash as well.

Tony Soprano and Walter White: Pilot Comparisons

Tony Soprano and Walter White live outside of the law but fail to embody the traditional portrait of a masculine figure, and as a result of this both men are examined as human beings and not stereotypes.

The Circle is Not Round

Before the Rain is cyclical in nature, and the actions that it displays are argued to be endless and far more expansive than the film’s narrative itself because of this.

Poorly Executed Villains: Hellbound: Hellraiser II

Hellbound: Hellraiser II creates a villain within itself that is not successful due to the film’s blatant disregard for what made the original film narratively successful, as well as its attempt to expand the world that it has inherited.

The Emasculation of Walter White

By placing him at such an extreme beginning point, any change that Walt undergoes appears drastic and compelling to the audience, and because of this the character of Walt succeeds as a whole.

Pursuing Redemption

Saving Private Ryan explores the possibility of finding redemption among the horrendous and incomprehensible, while not offering any easy answers as to whether or not this is even possible.

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