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Writings about film and other visual mediums by David Gower.


March 2017

An Idyllic Superman

Superman Returns presents a complex presentation of the Man of Steel, as it must grapple with whether or not an idyllic presentation of its titular character is possible or responsible in the new world that he find himself in.


Forward from Godzilla

Godzilla offers a bleak look at a nuclear world as it argues that this new and extraordinary force has been misunderstood and misused to the point that nothing but its destructive power may ever be realized.

Presentation in The Texas Chain Saw Massacre

The Texas Chain Saw Massacre builds its horror around fear of that which cannot be understood, and by revealing as little as possible about its monsters this effective brand of horror is achieved.

The Unknown in Kong: Skull Island

Kong: Skull Island examines what the unknown and incomprehensible do to those whom come into contact with them, and how their reactions are brought about by their unique perceptions of the world.

Accepting the Inevitable

The Seventh Seal mediates on life and death, and while it is sure to show the inevitability of the latter it does not establish the former as futile or worthless. Instead, the film cites death as a rite of passage of sorts that must be experienced in order for the world to be fully understood.

The Brand

Logan functions as a dissection of the character of the Wolverine, and in doing so it deconstructs the mythos of its lead character.

Demons to Some, Angels to Others

Though it may both focus on different characters and contain an alternative monster in comparison to many slasher films, Hellraiser still follows many of the basic tenets of its genre by approaching them from a different perspective.

The Foundations of the Earth

The Tree of Life tells a story about people and their lives, but what distinguishes it from other films is that it harbors few, if any, misconceptions about the impact of its portrayed events and actions.

Pedro Almodóvar’s Silencing and Empowering of Women

Through Talk to Her and The Skin I Live In, Pedro Almodóvar shows that the silencing of female characters, or characters that are presented as female, is actually an opportunity for these characters to be empowered in new ways and break free of their respective oppressors.

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