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January 2017

The Endless Cycle of the World

...Hell or High Water argues and demonstrates that no one can be in control for forever as there is always a fresh new power incoming. This fundamental de-romanticism undercuts much of what defines classical westerns and places Hell or High Water in territory that is foreign to many of the same films.


Trading Dogs

Through a combination of elements, motifs, and the overly simple narrative, John Wick executes the theme of a character engaged in self-denial without ever making the theme cheap or overblown.

Channeling Abuse

Shyamalan does not justify abuse with Split, nor does he state that those that endure it, regardless of the form, are better for it. Instead, he presents characters that have become a variety of things due to their respective abuse and abusers.

The Forging of Legacy

...Jackie immediately, with the blood of her husband still on her coat, sets about securing John F. Kennedy’s place in history. For as she has seen and come to understand, if she does not define the legacy of her husband, everyone else will.

There is Something in the Woods

But while numerous films have tried the found footage formula, few have been anywhere near as successful as the 1999 film. Many reasons factor into this, but chief among them is the fact that while not much may happen in The Blair Witch Project, this is the core reason that the film works as well as it does.

Poorly Executed Villains: Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them

In the end, Fantastic Beasts does not know how to establish real characters, or it simply does not care to as it expects its audience to love or fear them simply because they are set in the Harry Potter universe.

The Uncanny Ability to Create God

For the crew of the Icarus II, God comes in many forms, but all of them are physical. In the end though, God is not found in Sunshine. Instead, God is a distraction, a red herring for all of the humans. God takes the place of things that they cannot understand.

What Lies Under the Skin

When The Female defies the actions of a male and defines herself, she becomes alien and no longer female to the onlooker, though she certainly still considers herself so. Indeed, she is female, but her form is one that is new and different and not defined by anything that can be found in the contemporary world.

The Warped Lens

To Louis, the entire world can be seen through his lens, and this how he would prefer to do so. Through the lens, the world can be altered. Things that never happened can be said to happen, connections that do not exist can be established, and everything can and will bend to the one that holds the camera.

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