Peach Trees

Writings about film and other visual mediums by David Gower.


December 2016

The Consequences of Rogue One

Concerned with pastiche as it may be, Rogue One still does manage to alter many of the things said and done in the first act of Star Wars by way of the former film’s third act.


La La Land and the Perfectly (Un)Happy Ending

This is the beauty of La La Land and its uncanny ability to present real life as an imperfect place while at the same time allowing its audience to be comfortable and happy in it if they so choose.

Poorly Executed Villains: The Magnificent Seven (2016)

A formidable and serious villain is one thing, but it is very easy to overdo the concept and then the villain becomes something of a joke, too evil for the audience of the film to take seriously even though the film continues to do so.

Throne of Blood and Adaptation

Kurosawa's adaptation of Shakespeare's Macbeth is something that is exceedingly rare in cinema, both when the film came out and even now. It is a Shakespeare adaptation that actually works as a film.

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